DJ Hero (USA)



Languages: EN


Players: 2

ExtraInputs: [guitar]

Download: (rapidgator)

ENThe makers of Guitar Hero introduce an entirely fresh and innovative way to experience music.
DJ Hero features an amazing variety of music across genres – tracks that you love and reflect who you are.
Using an authentic turntable controller, you will spin and scratch more than 102 songs into unique mixes and become the life of the party.
Get ready for a whole new phenomena in music.

* Access Unprecedented Music Variety: Mix and scratch over 102 individual songs, highlighted in over 93 exclusive new mixes that blend genres of music, including hip-hop, electronica, R&B, Motown, pop, and rock.
DJ Hero brings the hottest artists including: Black Eyed Peas, 50 Cent, Justice, Marvin Gaye, Beastie Boys, N.
D, and more.

* Experience Music in a Revolutionary Way: The DJ Hero turntable controller immerses you into authentic DJ culture allowing you to scratch, cross-fade, and beat match.
Customize your mix with a variety of effects and samples transforming a face in the crowd into the life of the party.

* Rule the Hottest Parties: Where Guitar Hero brought gamers into the world of rock ‘n’ roll, DJ Hero brings you into the hottest scenes around.
Party in venues reminiscent of real world locales from around the globe including an ultra plush and sexy Hollywood Hills style mansion to an open air beach club in Ibiza.

* Party with Your Friends: Features online and offline multiplayer competitive and cooperative modes.

* Various game modes: DJ vs.
DJ, DJ + DJ, DJ + Guitar.
ESLos creadores de Guitar Hero te presentan nueva forma disfrutar de la música.
Por medio de un auténtico mando de platos, podrás pinchar y hacer scratch con más de 102 canciones para crear tus propias mezclas y convertirte en el alma de la fiesta.
¡Prepárate para todo un nuevo fenómeno musical!
ZHTW《DJ英雄》將帶領玩家一圓 DJ夢想,玩家可以掌控轉盤混音器、製作個人化混音,遊戲將提供超過 90 種混音, 即使是初入門的玩家也可以從基本逐步學習到高級技巧,享受打造個人音樂派對的樂趣。

玩家在《DJ英雄》中,只要點擊出足夠的音符就可賺取倒帶的機會,來重複玩自己最喜愛的歌曲部份:遊戲同時提供興奮模式、左弦模式等,前者類似《吉他英雄》的 Star Power,玩家可以把握時機使用它來增加分數, 後者則可重新裝配轉盤,以利左手使用另外,遊戲也可調整為自動模式,幫助玩家在開設個人舞會時多了個音響設備。


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