Wii遙控器Plus 動感歡樂組合[MP](美)
Wii Play: Motion (USA)

ID: SC8E01


Languages: EN,ES


Players: 4

ExtraInputs: [motionplus]

Download: (rapidgator)(ctfile)

ENExperience new magic in Wii motion with this collection designed to show some of the best moves the Wii has to offer! The 12 movement-based games in Wii Play: Motion offer unexpected new takes on interactive play.
You'll use your controller in ways you never imagined.
Hold it like an umbrella and pilot your way to the finish line in a windy race course.
Use it to defend your garden from hungry invading animals, scan the room for ghosts, and more.
Each game features family-friendly controls, adjustable difficulty levels, and four-person multiplayer.

ESSi estás buscando algo divertido que puedas jugar en tu Wii y que sea accesible para todos, ¡no busques más! Wii Play: Motion te ofrece una completa colección de doce innovadores y divertidos minijuegos para jugar con tus familiares y amigos, aprovechando al máximo toda la potencia del mando de Wii Plus.
ZHCN   《Wii遥控器Plus 动感欢乐组合》是承袭《Wii第一次接触》模式推出的控制器与游戏同梱包,搭配内建Wii动感强化器功能的Wii遥控器Plus,收录活用Wii遥控器Plus精确动态感测功能的12种丰富类型小游戏,最多可4人同乐,并具备徽章收集等深入钻研要素。

ZHTWWii Play Motion是承襲《Wii 第一次接觸》模式推出的控制器與遊戲同梱包,搭配內建 Wii 動感強化器功能的 Wii 遙控器 Plus,收錄活用 Wii 遙控器 Plus 精確動態感測功能的 12 種豐富類型小遊戲,最多可 4 人同樂,並具備徽章收集等深入鑽研要素。

  遊戲收錄包括:打地鼠、冰淇淋挑戰、擺姿勢 Mii 加強版、打水飄、滑翔傘、漂浮氣球、跳躍樂園、鬼屋、接駁站、彈珠與蹺蹺板、釣起海底寶藏!、360 度射擊等 12 款小遊戲。

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